I’m very excited to report that we started construction of the secondary school (8th and 9th grade) in the new community of  Buluya. The first class (8th grade) consists of 40 students who have their lessons under a tree. The school has 6 teachers teaching 18 courses and 2 non-teaching staff (A cook and an administrator). The students are required to contribute about $12 per month to access the services, inclusive of a uniform set and some scholastic materials.

Although it started under a tree, this is not an ordinary school. The school has a strong emphasis on exposing the students to the love of God as revealed by Jesus Christ and with tight discipline. Students also learn practical skills like best practices of farming, carpentry, and building, to help them in life.

The UCSS team worked hard to educate the village elders and the district authorities about the importance of education. As a result, there is high community participation in the new school through a strong community-led management team.

We have the funds to complete almost all of the first classroom block for 8th and 9th grade plus an office. We still need $5K to finish it completely (i.e windows, concrete flooring, furniture, and painting).

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


Dr. Ronald Kaluya

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