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You want to donate to a good cause but you want to feel confident that your funds make a measurable and meaningful difference in people’s lives. You need an organization you can trust. UCSS (Uganda Counseling and Support Services) is such an organization because it has the key elements you look for to ensure your investment dollars are making the maximum impact possible: a big and worthwhile vision, a track record of success and repeatability, a measurable and achievable plan, and regular accountability.

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Big and Worthwhile Vision

UCSS’s mission is to improve the quality of life and spread God’s love to people in remote communities of Uganda by providing social services, counseling and spiritual development – one community at a time. UCSS is using a holistic approach that addresses clean water, medical care, education, economic development, counseling and spiritual development. UCSS’s chose to start its ministry in the region of Bulike because its 50,000 residents have nothing, no clean water, medical care, schools, electricity or sewage system. The goal is to help each community become self-sufficient to the point where outside resources are no longer necessary. People will enjoy a higher quality of life and over time will become more tolerant and caring. At the heart of its ministry is to teach the people to become self-sufficient so that UCSS can reduce its investment and replicate the model to another community. Our vision is to use a “train the trainer” approach so that over time all of Uganda is transformed.

Track Record

UCSS started its ministry in Bulike in January 2011 with an initial budget of $112,000 which has grown to $250,000. Since then the organization was able to report the following success stories:

  • Clean Water Wells: UCSS built 6 water wells. Each well serves 400 people per day. UCSS recently acquired a water well drilling rig which is expected to be operational in 2016.
  • Medical Care: UCSS built a permanent medical clinic that has 2 full-time nurses all week and a doctor visits once per week. Mobile clinics are also held in the community.
  • Education: UCSS has built 6 buildings that now educate 760 children from pre-school to 8th grade.
  • Economic Development: UCSS has purchased over 80 acres that has been cultivated with the use of a tractor. Villagers are working side by side with UCSS staff to grow various income-producing crops such as corn, coffee, bananas and pine apples. Groups have been organized to empower people to engage in income-generating projects. The projects range from piggery, goat rearing, planting of oranges, vegetables, bananas, crafts and knitting. For the first time, many people are working, providing for themselves, saving money, learning team work and developing hope for a better future. The excess income has already started to offset the cost of the ministry.
  • Counseling: Over 500 people have received face to face counseling by our team of trained counselors. As a result we have been able to reconcile relationships, alleviate addictions, and instill hope in people’s live.
  • Evangelism: Over 10,000 people have given their lives to Christ. Twenty lay leaders are leading their local congregations and meeting in temporary structures and small church buildings.

Measurable and Achievable Plan

While the accomplishments to date have been impressive, the need is far greater. To tackle this challenge, UCSS is very specific about its plan and how to measure outcomes. Here is UCSS’ plan for 2016 with a $245,000 budget:

  • Clean Water Wells: To satisfy the water needs of the entire village, UCSS needs to drill about another 20 wells. In early 2015 we purchased a well-drilling rig in Texas and shipped it to Uganda. This was a major capital expense but it will reduce the cost per well from $7,000 to $2,500. It would also be contracted out to generate additional income.
  • Education: The final school building is being built right now which will accommodate the 8th and 9th grades. We are currently seeking another $5,000 to completely finish the school building.
  • Medical Care: UCSS has already started the process of involving the government to take over the operation of the medical facility.
  • Economic Development: UCSS has purchased additional acreage to expand its income-producing agriculture. Irrigation is a major need because harvests are too dependent on rains and very inconsistent. UCSS will be using the well-digging rig to irrigate several of its fields. It costs about $13,000 to irrigate 10 acres (including the drilling of the well), and we have enough funding for about 10 acres. UCSS would like to irrigate ALL of its fields to maximize their output.
  • Evangelism: We would like to continue to train more lay leaders. We need at least one, larger permanent church building because the temporary one is leaking and inadequate to house everyone. Because the region is so vast, multiple smaller church buildings would also help.

We believe that making Bulike self-sufficient within 2-3 years is a realistic and exciting possibility. In fact, the budget for 2016 is $30,000 less than the previous year. We have already started work in a new community called Buluya.


Regular reporting is extremely important to track how the money is spent and what it is accomplishing. The board creates a 12 month plan and budget that is reviewed every 6 months and adjusted if necessary. UCSS founder Dr. Ronald Kaluya provides a status update with photos every 4-6 weeks that is posted to the blog and sent to constituents. You will see the new water well in a photo, you will hear the joy of the people in a video, you can feel that lives are transforming.

The Difference Your Donations Make

Our U.S. Dollar goes a long way in Uganda. Here’s is the impact your donation can have:


  • For $25 you can send one child to school for a month
  • For $300 you can send one child to school for a year
  • For $75 you can provide scholastic materials for 200 children for one month
  • For $233 you can facilitate a teacher to teach 200 children for one month
  • For $5,000 you can build a classroom block for 100 children.


  • For $12 you can help pay for the treatment of one patient
  • For $70 you can facilitate the nurses in Bulike for one week
  • For $45 you can facilitate the doctor in Bulike for one week
  • For $250 you can provide medicines for the clinic for one week
  • For $365 you can sponsor the medical ministry for a week
  • For $1,460 you can sponsor the medical ministry for a month.


  • For $2,500 one water well can be drilled.


  • For $500 one acre of land can be purchased to be labeled in your name.


  • For $10 one Bible in the Luganda language can be purchased
  • For $5 one Christian book in the Luganda language can be printed.

Thanks very much for your support!





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