I bring you warm greetings from Buliike, thanks to you all, there is now hope of a better future through Christ in Buliike. One feels the hope through the way the people talk, worship and work. In the month of August the rains came after a very long dry season and the Buliike communities, who are mainly farmers, are singing praises to God. Unlike seven months ago when the communities mainly depended on witchdoctors and ancestral spirits to bring down the rains.

Bible Study group

Bible Study

It is amazing to see how much the bible studies have grown, not only in numbers but also with great zeal to know more about the word of God. There is increased participation by the members. Initially when the bible studies started, it was quite hard for most people to open up and the bible and the Bible study leader seemed to do all the talking despite the fact that all members were encouraged to participate. But now, members are eager to know more about the Word of God to the extent that the bible study sometimes takes up to 4 hours! Through the period of August and September 2012, a total number of sixteen bible studies were held with six bible leaders each averaging between 30 to 35 people. There is high yearning for the bibles from the people of Buliike, even those who can not read or write
Through bible study groups and building of relationships, efforts will also be made to point out what Godly activities are being done well in the community at whole. This will increase more participation and encouragement on positive practices while pointing out these that don’t promote Christian faith in the community.

 Video ministry

Video In Buliike
Buliike Community memberswatching Video

Since my return to Uganda in September, we have started showing videos on the life of Jesus Christ for outreach purposes to help people in the community learn about the life of Jesus Christ. These videos are shown through a projector and a computer in their local language. One thing about these videos is that they attract everybody young and old, women and men, believes and none believes. One muslim women and a popular traditional doctor (witch doctor) have privately expressed interest in learning about Jesus. Amen! economic ativity

Economic Development Groups

Many thanks for your support towards the economic development groups. We now have a total of 21 groups, each group consisting of 10 to 15 people, who are ready to start on their projects as you will see from the pictures. These projects will not only improve on their standard of living but also strengthen their sense of belonging in the community and love of their neighbours through Jesus Christ that transcends distance. I have seen neighbors who were initially not on talking terms settle their differences in these groups. It is our prayer that God moves in these groups to bring about a spiritual, emotional and physical transformation in Bulike and the surrendering community. There is high anticipation on the economic activities and we have decided to begin with eight groups in the month of October and 12 groups will fellow in November. These groups are to operate by a micro revolving model where each beneficiary now will return some of what they are getting to give to other groups. There will be an increased campaign to let the people of Buliike realize how much the Almighty God has blessed them in the last seven months and to always ask them to lean on his grace as he uses his people both in Uganda and USA to show his abundance.

New Water Wells and More Bible study Groups

We also anticipate building two water wells in other areas by the end of October. Where other bible studies will be functioning by the end of November and repairing an existing water well in Buluya. Praise be toGod!

Buluya well to be repaired


As I left the USA in January of 2011 God gave me a vision of having twelve bible study groups by the end of 2012, but this vision has been slowed down because of the few number of people who can read and write in Buliike. The Uganda counseling and support service ministry is therefore starting an adult class to increase the number of people who can read the bible daily. A nursery school is to start too.

Medical Clinics

During the months of August and September 2160 patients were seen in the Buliike clinic by two nurses and one medical assistant.  We have also given out eye glasses. The Ugandan UCSS board will be meeting to see if instead of having three medical workers coming to treat three days a week we would rather have one permanent nurse based in Bulike to treat patients daily and have the comprehensive clinic once a month where they can see a doctor and other health specialist.

Ngobi very happy and thankful to Lord because he can now see and read!

 Model/ Modern Farm

We had planned to acquire 150 acres of land to begin a model/modern farm for the purpose of economically developing Buliike. With the sale of the piece we had identified and the failure to get the amount necessary for this purchase we are beginning to see how small pieces can be utilized to empower the people of buliike. This doesn’t mean that we are ruling out the model/modern farm but if resources become available this purchase will be done as well in a separate area other than Buliike. This I think will work out better because instead of the modern farm benefiting only Buliike, it will benefit a wider area consistent with the vision of UCSS of one village at a time.

 Prayer Request Focus!!!!

Transportation to Bulike is still a challenge. With the constant rains, the roads are really muddy and slippery. This is an area that I have begun to actively ask God to use his abundance to show his glorify. On my first trip to Bulike when I came back from the US this September, we spent over 3 hours trying to dig out of a mud ditch that the hired car was unable to pull out of. My prayer is that we can acquire a sound ministry truck that can handle the Buliike road. A good second hand truck costs between $25000-30,000 while the brand new truck from Toyota Uganda costs $45,394(3000cc)taxes inclusive. Please continue to stand with us in prayer by making this a prayer focus .We have made previous attempts to purchase a truck from Japan and they have been futile.Though purchasing a vehicle directly from Japan may be cheaper, there is usually a large tax on it and tax exemptions are currently not offered to vehicles of manufucter date later than 2004. For more information about the truck in Uganda,please check out! TOYOTA UGANDA LTD, Telephone +256 41 4 349425 mob. + 256 75 2 449400and Email: myombi@toyotaug.co.ug and the website: www.toyotaug.co.ug

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