Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Father Jesus Christ! I bring you greetings from Uganda and from the people of Buliike. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support to the Uganda Counseling Support Services (UCSS) ministry through which God has touched many people in Buliike, Buluya and Uganda as a whole. Through your prayers and support many illness are being healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. The medical staffs who treat the community in Buliike three times a week have reported a tremendous improvement in the health of the people of Buliike. This is not only because of the two water wells which provide clean water in Buliike and now the newly repaired water well in Buluya but also because of many other reasons. Moreover we are anticipating UCSS through its generous patterns to provide a total of five water wells providing clean water in Buliike and Buluya by the end of 2011. The Buluya Water well Repaired The additional two water wells have been donated already one of which was donated by Coffey’s Chapel.   The health improvement is also because of the provision of mosquito nets from students and staff of Lindsey Wilson College where I studied; these have been donated to prevent malaria especially from affecting pregnant mothers and children. The free treatment which is provided every Tuesday, wednesday and friday serves between 90 to 150 people each day and this is a true reflection of the bible saying that healing is food to God’s Children; healthy living and education have all contributed to a health community. We have begun to see many people in Buliike and surrendering community noticing the love of God and the gospel of loving our neigbhours as we love ourselves which is being exemplified through the prayers and gifts from our American and Uganda brothers and sisters. Not only are people getting physical healing but are also receiving a spiritual discipleship. People are moving very long distances to come and hear God’s Word and love which are being provided through the bible study teachings and practical ministries and service. One regular church member become demon possessed and cursed Christ while in church. After her action she was uncomfortable to return for worship. The other leaders and I went to pray and encourage her. As we went, I realized how far many of the people who attend our programs move on foot to come and participate in bible study, church service, adult education and other ministry programs The community leaders and I were trying to establish places that need water wells most. And I found a community where children, women and men are engaged in drinking alcoholic fulltime, I realized how much UCSS needs to minister in this particular  community with our activities including prayers and bible study. Even if the majority voted a different community to drill the water wells. I am very inspired that through bible studies teachings, medical care and economic activities in future we are to introduce the love of Christ and reach these brothers and sisters who spend most of their time being unproductive. As I shared the need to go to this community, Nissan a lay leader in Buliike affirmed the need and mentioned that a local pub in Buliike selling alcohol was complaining of lack of customers, because their clients had been touched by Christ through all your prayers, love and gifts and hence quit drinking. We have planned door to door gospel witness beginning of 14/11/2011 to evangelize and possibly use our new AP system to carry out a crusade. It has been a rainy season in Uganda, we thank God we can grow food. But rain also disrupted our bible studies. One Friday as we were conducting the bible study at the second water well, where we normally have bible studies in an open area, it rained heavily and so we entered a very small hut at Mr. Sourcepatili a former alcohol brewer and seller who now not only accepted Christ but his also our host at this particular bible study. In this hut with over 30 people very full to capacity and very uncomfortable, members participated fully showing that they enjoy and love the bible studies. This very hut used to sell alcohol but now it is being used for bible studies. Glory to God! The Hut where we conduct the Bible Study on rainy Days Mr. Sourcepatili, a former alcohol brewer and seller, offered his compound to UCSS to build a bigger shed to conduct bible studies as well as adult classes to shield members from rain and sunshine.  Satan being a liar who comes to steal, deceive and destroy used some elements on the village to tell Mr. Sourcepatili that “you see you were getting a lot of money selling alcohol to the local people, we hear you have groups with those poor Christians, and they only want to gain from you, they cannot even buy land to put up their bible study classes. They will steal your land if you allow them to build any structure on it”.  Mr. Sourcepatili being a young believe was afraid but thank God, Satan was overcame the construction of the Bible study structure is going on well. The Construction of Bible Study Structure in Mr. Sourcepatili’s Compound The 21 groups elected a 6 member team to influence the activities of the group members and oversee the implementation of the group activities. It was all joy as different groups received orange seedling and banana suckers after waiting for nearly five months. Other women also received threads to make tablecloths. Their progress is very good, exciting and promising. We are currently making boxes for bee farming. Also one other group got their piglets. Next we are going to embark on other animal rearing next. We chose to begin with plantations mostly because of the fear that the rains may soon stop. Orange Seedlings and Demonstration to economic activities leaders    As I visited women in the hand sowing group, I noticed that the women use their time making tablecloths to also reflect on the world of God. I was very excited, when I found these women who were helpless seven months ago working together in an activity to earn some income and they were also reciting the bible verses that they learnt during the bible studies.  Some members had lost hope on some of the economic activities such as modern farming because of failure to acquire land in time, it was an opportune time to remind the people of Buliike that the Good Lord has used our brothers and sisters to show his love and grace to us will never forsake us. Women Working on Sowing Project I really thank God so much for providing UCSS with an active board of Trustees chaired by Dr. John Begley, vice Chair Rev. Steve Pescosolido and the Uganda local UCSS board. I will forever be grateful to God for the entire American community that I interact with.  I thank God for the prayer partners who have stood with UCSS ministering in Uganda for our first year, even if Satan has manifested himself in various ways like deaths, sickness, continued lack of transportation, discouragement and a spirit of confusion; through all your prayers and faith the ministry is progressing on steadily. I also thank lord for the donors who have tirelessly worked so hard and sacrificed almost ever thing to make sure the ministry in Uganda continues. I know personally friends who have selflessly given to the cause of the people in Uganda through Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS).  May the almighty God always pour his grace and abundance of His love to all UCSS friends. I would like to thank the different stakeholders of Uganda Counseling and Support services that have stood with us to ministry and serve the people of Uganda.  Thanks go to the local people of Uganda especially the medical team, teachers, local leaders and all the various stakeholders.  I am also so grateful for the education, the guidance and mentorship I received at Lindsey Wilson College, plus the studies I continue to receive at SPST and all the wonderful professors who continue to impact me even while in Uganda because of the wealth of education that I have acquired so as to be able to serve God’s people better. That is why I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much, each one of you for the continued prayers, guidance and support. May the almighty God bless you and your families and church community abundantly. — Ronnie

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