Here is a plea from board member Steve Pescosolido, we’re looking for a 4×4 for Ronnie to get around in Uganda. “I trust that everyone has received the recent report from Ronnie on the work in Buliike. There were some very exciting photos in his last Dropbox post. The one with the completed, capped well was encouraging. The photo showing water flowing from the well with the handpump was a picture of victory. What has been talked about, heard about, prayed about and planned for … has become a reality. The need for clean water … is being met. And being met in the name of Jesus Christ. This is the heart and beauty of UCSS. Meeting needs and witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In all the good news you also heard that Ronnie’s hired or borrowed vehicle broke down on the way to Buliike. The fact that a mechanic could get to him and repair the vehicle was remarkable. Due to the timing of funds transfers, we were unable to buy the most recent Toyota for Ronnie priced at $17,500 (for another 1996 model). He has shared with me that since that time, prices have jumped in Uganda. Prices of many things including trucks. The same kind of 1996 Toyota 4×4 now costs $24,000. A new diesel 4×4 from Japan costs $26,000 (this is not a Toyota – the bid is attached). This vehicle has a three to four month delivery time with only a one year warranty. Plus, it is significantly over our budget for a vehicle. Another way to purchase a vehicle for UCSS is to buy one here and ship it to Uganda. The shipping is approximately $2,000 and the duty taxes roughly $5,000-7,000. There’s a possibility the vehicle could be exempt from duty taxes since it is going to a non-profit organization. I think the vehicle from Japan was going to be duty free. This would be nice but we can’t count on it. So here’s the focus question: Is there a way to purchase a used Toyota 4×4 that is in excellent shape and then send it to Kampala? Better yet, is there a person or dealer who might be supportive of UCSS who could donate a used Toyota 4×4? If you have any ideas or connections that can help us provide Ronnie with a reliable vehicle … please let me know. I hope to talk with at least one businessman in Columbia this week who ships heavy equipment internationally. It may be worth our while to learn how to do this. God has an answer … right now we are seeking His direction. If you have a piece of the puzzle, please call me [phone number omitted for privacy]. Thanks for your time and consideration of this need.” If you can help us with this issue, please post a reply below and we’ll follow up with you!

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