We are facing some financial constraints this month since we are not able to fully fund all of our plans. But we are setting priorities and making it work. For example, parents of our school children were called upon and those willing and able contributed an equivalent of 40 cents. This to me was a strong statement of how much the parents believed in this education system. This was a great commitment from them considering the poverty this community faces. We may not be able to conduct the Comprehensive Medical Checkup for the month of April. The news has left the community brokenhearted, as these services have been the only ray of hope for many of them in terms of accessing primary health care. Some of them with long-term illnesses are worried about how they will access basic medical care, which we have been giving them. The people of Bulike are praying for miraculous divine intervention in this matter. The drought has been quite long and challenging, During this month because of the prolonged drought, we lost some piglets and the orange trees withered but we are glad that the rains have began to come and we are hopeful that the orange tree plants are going to pick up very well. The pigs were attacked with an epidemic and some died within a few days, but we have treated the remaining ones and are hopeful that the projects will recover without any problem. The church shelter has a leaking roof and this could pose a challenge to the church activities now that the rainy season is commencing. The Iron sheets have been bought and delivered and now the community has been challenged to come up with funds for the poles and labour. We closed on the purchase of the land to be used for a model farm. The land consists of 10 acres and 8 acres in two separate locations. The Bible Study members volunteered to start clearing the land as we work towards developing a proper work plan for its utilization. We are working on a plan to the best manage this very important part of our ministry in Bulike. Click here to read the full report [PDF. 109KB] [slideshow]

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