Dr. Ronald Kaluya

About Our Founder, Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Dr. Ronald Kaluya was an accountant in Uganda with a big vision to help his people. He felt that a graduate degree from the United States would help his mission. Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia KY paid for Ronnie to study there, and he graduated with a double Masters degree in ministry and counseling. He created UCSS and assembled an impressive board, including Dr. John Begley (former President of the College) as the board chair, several ministers and businessmen. After raising $120,000, Ronnie was able to return to Uganda to start his ministry in January 2011.

Board Chairman Dr. John Begley has this to say about Dr. Ronald: “When I first met Dr. Ronald I was amazed at Dr. John Begleyhispassion to help his people in Uganda. I realized that with his background and education, it would have been easy to bring his family to the U.S. and have a nice life. Instead, he chose to go back to Uganda and live in poverty to help his people. The living conditions he describes are unimaginable to us, yet he endures them faithfully day after day. He has earned my trust also in the way he is stewarding our financial resources. He is extremely frugal, selfless, and always seeking ways to do more with less. He reports diligently how much was spent each month and for what. I respect his his vision, sacrifice and passion for the people of Uganda, and he deserves our support for this worthwhile mission”.

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