While the accomplishments to date have been impressive (see 2011 Track Record), the need is far greater. Here is UCSS’ plan for 2012 with a $200,000 budget:

  • Clean Water Wells: To satisfy the water needs of the entire village, we would need another 15 wells. UCSS is looking for funding to drill two new wells per year. Each well costs $7,000.
  • Medical Care: UCSS would like to increase the mobile clinic from 3 to 5 days per week. Together with the monthly comprehensive clinic, this would reasonably satisfy the village’s medical needs. Total cost $29,000 per year.
  • Education: There are 2,000 children in the village. For 2012, UCSS would like to serve another 150 children, pay the volunteer teachers, and build a small brick school building. Total estimated cost for 2012 is $26,000. Completion of school house is estimated to cost $7,000.
  • Economic Development: The goal for 2012 is to help the existing 21 groups succeed and to add 9 additional groups. Total estimated cost for 2012 is $17,000.
  • Model Farm: UCSS is in the process of purchasing 15 acres for a farm to train villagers how to grow crops. We estimate we would need 100 acres of farmland to satisfy the nutritional needs of the entire village. Each acre costs $500. We would need to drill 1 well for irrigation. We will likely lease plots of land to generate income to purchase more land and farming supplies.
  • Counseling: To serve to entire village adequately, we would need 20 trained counselors of which 5 are trainers. In May of 2012, U.S.-certified counselors will train 30 trainers inUganda who will in turn train 50 counselors by the end of the year. Cost: $15,000.
  • Evangelism: We would like to continue to train the 7 lay leaders, train another six, and pass out 200 Bibles ($10 each). The cost of this ministry is $26,000 per year. We really need one permanent church structure because the temporary one is leaking.

We believe that making Bulike self-sufficient within 5 years is a realistic and exciting possibility. At that point, we could reduce our investment in this village and begin to expand the ministry to another village.

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