I pray and hope that you are well. We are also fine. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is really manifesting himself in Bulike. Each passing week I see increased receptivity to God’s word and UCSS. This week we had a bigger gathering and I saw a deep yearning for Christ. The bible study intended for baptism class begins this Wednesday of 17th march which will continue as discipleship class. I am also in great need of materials for the bible study. From my observation and discussions with the local pastors in Uganda, I found that we might not only need bibles but a lot of visual materials due to the high levels of illiteracy. These visual aids will be useful in illustrating basic principles in the bible like baptism, lord’s super, forgiveness, fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, etc are very necessary. Others items that are needed for the bible study include audio bibles in English and  local language , a TV, projector,  video player and generator due to the lack of power. Lack of transportation is still a big problem on my side since I will need to transport bible study materials there and my daily transportation. There is also need for a church structure however temporary it may be, this will accelerate the group of this church community. I realize that the building is not the church but in this case people are stumbled to become Christians instead of being encouraged. Here is a photo slide show from the week: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnBIMViPPuo]

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