Ronnie looks back at how UCSS started, what it has accomplished, and what is still left to be done. Also, don’t miss Ronnie’s video filmed in the village of Buliike. Now, over to Ronnie … Dear Friends, Six months ago, I left the USA and went back to Uganda my home country to respond to God’s call to my life through Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS). It was such a bitter sweet time for me and I held back tears as I said farewell to you my brothers and sisters in Christ who had shown me God’s love during my three years in KY. But I knew that it was what God wanted me to do and I am so grateful for all the blessings, encouragement, prayers and support that you gave and continue to give both me and my family. On February 3rd UCSS started its operations. On the first trip to Bulike there seemed to be a dark cloud over it. There was a sense of hopelessness amongst the people. UCSS shared its vision of improving their lives by feeding people spiritually with the good news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ plus improving their lives physically and emotionally. There was a lot of skepticism from the people as a result of previous “empty” promises from some organizations. The people were also bound by the cultural and traditional lifestyle and indeed their hearts were very heavy. Bulike had great spiritual and physical needs. The few existing Christian met once a week in one of the believer’s home and the attendance was very low, witchcraft was also very common. There was an evident lack of water and most of the people walked miles and miles in the scorching sun looking for water. We were also struck with the level of poverty were most parents were unable to feed, clothe, provide medical care or educate their children. The need seemed almost overwhelming. I really knew that I needed God’s guidance on how best I would serve the people of Bulike. Surely God answers us in mysterious ways, I became very sick with Malaria, during which period I drew closer to God and indeed I received God’s guidance from Proverbs 3:5-6 which tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” I am most grateful for your prayers, advice and guidance. UCSS has not only received God’s favor but also favor in the eyes of the Bulike community. We do serve a great God. With His grace and your prayers and support, we started the first bible study in early march. We started the first bible study with 6 People. During the Easter season, there was a great revival that led to its increase to 30-40 members. Currently, we have two Bible study groups every Wednesday and Thursday with a membership of 55-65. Currently Sunday worship is done in a temporary structure and the attendance is now in big numbers. Over a thousand have heard the gospel (through open preaching, door to door ministry, events and ministries). In April, Bulike got 2 water wells one near the temporary structure and another at the place of the second bible study. The Bulike community now has access to clean water. In May, the medical clinic was started. It is done three days a week at the location of the temporary church structure. Buliike now has two nurses and one medical officer. The nurses come on Tuesday and Friday and medical officer on Wednesday. In June UCSS was granted a nonprofit making status in Uganda, this is a landmark because in Uganda even though the nonprofit status has no real valve, it is a big statement that the government values and recognizes our contribution to the community. Over 130 people had face to face counseling in Bulike and the entire Uganda for the past 6 months and 100 Bibles have been distributed to date. Plans and bill of qualities (estimates for the cost of construction) for a church/multiple purpose (clinic/school) construction have been finalized and we are yet to embark on fundraising for this project. A latrine (bathroom facility) is also in its final stages of construction near the temporary church structure and when completed, the nursery school will use the same facility. I am glad to report that we now have twenty-one groups in Bullike, the groups identified projects like local poultry, bee farming, onion farming ,Goat rearing piggery and crop growing. Some of them have even gone ahead to construct temporary piggery houses So what does the future hold for UCSS? -A Christian based nursery and Adult school to cater for children from the ages of 3 to 6, adults who cannot read -Send more children to school other than the current number of 10. -The medical team had advised on a more comprehensive clinic at least once a month with specialist doctors like a gynecologist and a dentist, HIV/AID testing, family planning services, Nutrition and antenatal among others -The focus will be on economically empowering the people. By use of the effective groups for relational, spiritual and finance development. These groups are to engage in uplifting projects together using amicrofinance model. – Mental health training By Drs Williamson In May 2012. I must admit that it hasn’t been an easy start. Personally I have had to fit in to being a full time husband and father.  UCSS started at a time when prices were increasing overnight in Uganda with high fuel cost and raise in the standard of living. The ministry challenges have been immense each one of them but it really amazing and a great encouragement when you see the hope and joy in the eyes of someone who has received Christ, people’ real needs being meet. That is why we the people of Uganda would like to express our sincere gratitude for your help, support and guidance. I have never worked so hard, but I have also never cared so much about the work I do like serving in Buliike. I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to have been able to live out my passion of offering spiritual, emotional and physical healing, to have been able to contribute in concrete and meaningful ways, and to have been challenged and inspired on the way which increased real faith. John H Groberg, a missionary once said that “You develop faith by doing things that require faith.”  I believe that my faith in God has really grown more in the past 6 months. I also bring my deep appreciation to you from the people of Bulike for spiritual, financial and economic support to Bulike and the community at large. Lastly more notably we are very much grateful for the family support. Ronah and Praise wanted you to know that we immensely appreciate your grace. May God continue to bless you all. P.S. Here is also a video update from me and Ronah from the village of Buliike. [youtube]

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