We hosted Dr. Daniel and Dr. Jennifer Williamson, who are members of the UCSS Board in the US. They conducted a 4-day Mental Health Facilitator training course which was attended by mental health facilitators and mental health trainees. They also offered invaluable advice to the UCSS team and community members. We were able to complete the roof of the new school house and received 31 new desks which we desperately needed. We committed 2 acres around the school to grow corn to be used for school lunches. In addition, every student agreed to bring 5kg of corn. While we had to skip the comprehensive clinic in April, we had the best to date on May 17. The rains have greatly improved the orange plantations and piggery. The piggery groups are donating piglets to other groups who lost animals during the drought. We dedicated the model farm and already planted some crops. The goal of the farm is to promote hard work, unity and teamwork among community members and teach them modern, cost-effective farming techniques, ensuring maximum yields with minimum input. Please see a photo slideshow below: [slideshow]

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