This Wednesday I set off as usual to go for Bible study in Bulike .On this particular trip, my agenda was to meet the medical team for the Buliike clinic in Kamuli , Check on an identified  land for the demonstration farm, Check on the water wells and their pump installation, deliver the stones, and participate in the bible study. On my last visit I had seen the DHO Luuka district (District Health Officer) who covers Bulike and he informed us that there is one doctor for the whole district meaning that Bulike held a slim chance of getting a doctor even once a month. He suggested that we try getting a doctor from other districts like Jinja or Kampala. Given the costs involved, this currently rules out the possibility of a doctor but we are praying and negotiating with a medical assistant from the nearby Kamuli district. On of the agenda of the meeting with the medical team was to discuss the signing of agreement of the relationship UCSS is beginning with these medical personnel for the Bulike community. The other thing was to discuss the remuneration/ allowance for this medical team. From our earlier discussion, we had informed them about the budgeted $15 for the nurses and $25 for the doctor/ medical assistant, they, however, explained to us that because of inflation and the high fuel prices, the journey to and from Bulike from Kamuli, the nearby district where they are coming from costs slightly less than $10 by motorcycle and may even go up to $13 if the fuel situation continues to get worse. This means that their remuneration costs will be so low. Though we left Kampala at 6:00am, we didn’t reach until 4pm.The journey which usually takes 4 hours this time took over 8 hours. This was because it had rained and the road was very bad. The car I was using broke down in the middle of nowhere. It took us some time to get a mechanic to restore the car before we could proceed for the journey. Though I had scheduled an 11am meeting with the two nurses and a medical assistant who were scheduled to begin the clinic in Bulike this Friday, we were unfortunately unable to meet them. I was, however, able to look at the piece of Land where UCSS hopes to put its demonstration farm. On the way from kamuli to Buliike the car brakes failed but we eventually got to Bulike at about 9:00 clock in the night and went to check on the water borehole hand pipe than had been installed on Tuesday. I also delivered borehole stones which read ” This borehole is an expression of Jesus Christ’s love to the Community of Bulike- Donated by so and so family Through Uganda Counseling and Support Service” .I was humbled by the fact that though I got there in the night, people left their houses and came to appreciate what God has done for them through UCSS. They are now enjoying safe and clean water .They asked me to pass on their appreciation to the brothers and sisters in America. I was amused by one elderly lady who handed me her only hen to give to these brothers and sisters in America when I see them. I politely explained to her that they are miles away and it might not be possible for me to take it on a plane but I would pass on her appreciation. Currently UCSS has coordinated the drilling of two boreholes for $6,500 each. I have been sent to pass on the appreciation from the people of Buliike to all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to water well and any other ministry in Bulike with UCSS. One of the things that God communicated to all of us that night at the gathering was the need to begin another bible study group at the second location of the Bulike water well. The caretaker there is currently organizing where the study will take place. Please pray with us that this goes on successfully. This coincides well with a schedule we had made with  three members of the buliike church, their lay leader, another strong believer I have seen over the years plus myself to seeking God for three days at the prayer mountain in Kampala on the weekend of 28/may. We will use this weekend to listen to God and ask for his direction on who is he sending to this other second location and his direction for Bulike community. Please keep us in prays that God may lead. Meanwhile the church in Bulike Community will this weekend divide themselves into small groups for purposes of individual bible study at their homes. These bible study groups will also be used for community mobilization and set a good ground for economic empowerment. We appreciate all the prayers and support that is enabling us see the Grace of God.

Peace and Joy,
Ronald Kaluya
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