Dear Friends, I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; I hope and pray that you and all your family members are well. Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) is approaching the end of its first half of the budget period ending July 2011 and all I can say is that we truly serve a great and awesome God. When UCSS first went to Bulike in February this year, there seemed to be a dark cloud over it. There was a sense of hopelessness amongst the people. UCSS shared its vision of improving the lives of the people by feeding them spiritually with the good news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ plus improving their lives physically and emotionally. I must admit that it hasn’t been an easy start. There was a lot of skeptism as a result of promises from some organizations which failed to deliver. The people were also bound by the cultural and traditional lifestyle. Indeed their hearts were very heavy. But thanks for your prayers, guidance and support my dear brothers and sisters, at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel and the lives of the people of Bulike will be transformed. The dark cloud is being lifted, over 400 people have given their lives to Christ, and over a thousand have heard the gospel (through open preaching, door to door ministry, events and ministries) and over 100 people had face to face counseling in Bulike and the entire Uganda Bulike has two water wells with clean water- one at the church (the Smith well) and another (the Harris well) is at a central setting where the second bible study takes place. We have two very active bible study groups now; one at the church location and another at the Harris water well. The first started in March 2011 and the other was started thereafter and takes place at the location of the second water well. We also undertook the task of creating effective groups for relational, spiritual and finance development and I am glad to report that we now have seven groups in Bullike. After a very enlightening seminar by the Kamuli district official, the groups identified projects like local poultry, bee farming, piggery and crop growing. These groups are to engage in uplifting projects together using a microfinance model. There has also been formation of football and netball clubs for men and women respectively, There are also choir clubs for children, youth and adults. The medical clinic also started in May 2011 and we had clinics twice a week but due to the large turnover we now have clinic three times a week. One clinical offer on Wednesdays and one nurse on Tuesday and Friday attend to patients. On average about 90 to120 Patients are seen per day. The medical personal reported that due to the lack of access to medical care, so many people who come to the clinic are very sick and have had the illness for a long time. But now because of God’s miracle of UCSS with its partners bringing free medical services to the people, most of them can now be treated before their conditions gets worse. UCSS also identified the need to educate the people. We are therefore in consultations with a nursery teacher and an adult school instructor who will be conducting nursery and adult education in the current temporary church structure in Buliike. A latrine (Bathroom facility) is also currently under construction near the temporary structure and the education program for both the children and adult will begin as soon as the latrine is completed. In my previous communications, I had mentioned about the land offered by one of the community elders to UCSS to be used for community development. I have asked the owner to officially put this in writing so that all the necessary legal work can be done. Plans and estimates for a church/multiple purpose (clinic/school) construction are under way and will be shared when finished. God is really transforming the Bulike community as a whole, Last week after my sermon, there was sharing of gifts from their harvest which included maize corn and sweet potatoes. The police officer in charge of Bulike committed to give up smoking and one of the ladies who is famous for brewing and selling local alcohol gave it up and now attends bible study. Because of this transformation in Bulike, neighboring villages are already inviting UCSS to carry out crusades and open other churches on their villages. But we waiting upon God‘s will and provision but also would love to see total transformation in Bulike. One visitor attended the church service and he was surprised at the power of God because he saw core criminals being transformed. He marveled at the way people were quitting their dubious ways of living to become committed Christians. He was amazed that witchdoctors gave up their witchcraft and foretelling which has been their source of income previously. He was also amazed that a former alcohol seller had opened their homes for second bible study. As UCSS plans for the second half, we are trusting that God together with your prayers, guidance and support can cast more light and hope to the community of Bulike. The medical team had advised on a more comprehensive clinic at least once a month with specialist doctors like a gynecologist and a dentist, HIV/AID testing, family planning services, Nutrition and antenatal among others. UCSS also has a vision of a Christian based nursery and Adult school to cater for children from the ages of 3 to 6, adults who cannot read and also send more children to school other than the current number of 10. The process is also underway to establish suitable land for a model farm. The focus will be on economically empowering the people. Brothers and Sisters, I have seen God work in Bulike. It is amazing what can happen when we let God use us. My testimony is that on every visit to Bulike, God builds and reveals something new to my spiritual life and I indeed feel humbled. I therefore would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and from the people of Bulike for all the great sacrifices you make towards the spiritual, financial and economic support to the people of Bulike and the community at large. My prayer for you is that May the good Lord Jesus Christ reward you abundantly. — Ronald Kaluya

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