Below is short two-minute video shows the students of Bulike bragging about their school, a school they did not have just two years ago. It’s an example of the difference education can make in these children’s lives, how proud and confident they’ve become. It is these children that will transform their village, and indeed all of Uganda, in the years to come. But these students graduate this December and we don’t have a school building for them yet. This is why we need to raise funds to build this school building. Also, once this building is done, the village qualifies for government subsidies which is a significant milestone in helping the people of Bulike become self-sufficient.

Please donate $5 towards the School Building now.

We’d like to introduce you to Michael and Taylor, who want to raise $16,000 to for this school building and finance their trip to Uganda next summer. Michael_and_Taylor

“We were looking for a way to Make a Difference, and we heard of Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) which has a ministry in a small village in called Bulike,” says Michael. “There was nothing in this village: no fresh water, no medicine, no schools – just huts and people. People were dying every day because of the dirty water and malaria from mosquitoes. Because of the lack of food, many children died before they were 10 years old. No one could read, there was no work. People didn’t seem to have any hope.”

Taylor adds, “Since UCSS started their work in Bulike two and a half years ago, the village has changed beyond recognition. Because of fresh water wells and the medical clinics, death and disease have decreased by 90%. Over 500 children are attending school. People are growing crops, raising animals and learning skills like carpentry and sowing. For the first time, they are able to provide for their families and there is hope for the future.”Bracelet

“What we like about UCSS is that they are teaching the villagers fish, not just giving them the fish. In fact, UCSS wants to pull out of Bulike someday once the people have become self-sufficient. Then they can do the same thing in another village. UCSS is thinking big – they want to change not one village but eventually all of Uganda.

Shirt“We want to do our part, especially for the children. We learned that UCSS started to build a school house for the 5th graders and nursery aged kids. The walls and roof are up, but it’s still missing a concrete floor, windows, plaster and paint, and a movable dividing wall and furniture. Finishing the school house will cost $10,000 – and that’s the money we’d like to bring with us to when we go.” If you donate at the Gold Level ($25), we’ll mail you our cool “Mission Make A Difference” bracelet! Platinum-level ($100) donors get a “MAD” T-shirt.

Please donate $5 towards the School Building now.

Thanks for your support!

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