Last week we went spent most of my time in the Eastern Uganda- Jinja, Wakitaka, Iganga, Kamuli, Buluya and Buliike. As you will see from the photos below most of the roads are really dusty as a result of the dry season which has also affected the harvest there. They are expecting it even to get worse, which means we will be experiencing drought. Lack of water is still a problem and as we traveled we saw people walking miles and miles in the scorching heat to get water. We were also struck with the level of poverty were most parents were unable to clother let alone feed their children. Many children had gigars in their feet. There is a big need for a school in this community. The schools are also in a bad state. Many Children are not in school. My mother is so happy that UCSS is doing ministry in Bulike. We went with her and she showed us the primary school she went to. She remembers the queen from England coming to the school in the 60s and giving them sweets for the first time. Though it is 10 miles from Bulike, it is the nearest school to Buliike. Everyday students move from their homes to schools far away. The buildings are now run down since 1962 when my mother studied there. Despite the problems that they face, the people of Bulike that we interacted with have a strong faith and a strong spirit. Though there is currently no church structure,worship is being done in an unfinished building which is also the home of one of the village elders. The other church members (elders) we talked with stressed the great need for a church building. Land has been offered for a church building. I nevertheless discussed with them of the need for discipleship through bible study  before actual church construction can be done but to them they think that a church construction however temporary will be the way to go. I plan to gather more thoughts on this, before I have a concrete plan and stand on this. Please pray that Lord’s will is done. We managed to talk to some of the village elders and the people and they seemed receptive to the UCSS ministry.We know that we need to strengthen our relationships deeper. Because of lack of power/ electricity, I was not enable to take many of the photos. I never the less managed to take some that I will continue to send.  Here is a photo slideshow from the trip. [youtube=]

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