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The lack of fresh water is the # 1 cause of disease and death in the communities of Bulike and Buluya. There is actually plenty of water in both communities, but it’s 500-600 feet below ground! And getting to it typically costs about $7,000.

We’ve been so blessed with the arrival of the water well drilling rig! Having our own rig allows us to drill a well for about $2,500. And, like when we got the tractor a couple of years ago, this kind of equipment is a game changer.

Please read more below about our achievements, challenges, and future plans for this ministry.


  • UCSS received a water well drilling rig from American friends: This brought hope for clean and fresh water, not only in Bulike community but also other areas of the country.
  • The rig has been tested and has already drilled three boreholes in Inuula, Nabisiki, and Kimbaya communities. Two of the boreholes brought water and hand pumps were installed. The third one did not bring water at all. Surveyors were consulted concerning this issue and advised that an air compressor was needed to be able to dig further because the area had a low water level.
  • UCSS collaborated with other organizations such as World Vision and Red Cross to explore possibilities of working together in drilling and maintaining boreholes.
  • UCSS has appointed a dedicated community team to oversee water well drilling in the area and to oversee repairing of water wells that broke down.
  • The water well team is working together with the residents of the communities and have come to an agreement that the water well drilling will be done as a joint partnership: UCSS will contribute to the drilling costs, pipes, and other supplies needed, and the community will facilitate the installation and construction costs.


  • Lack of air compressor: At the time of drilling the first water wells, there was no compressor but we have received some funding for the purchase of a compressor although they are priced at a higher price as opposed to the amount of funds available. We also need an additional $10,000 to ship the air compressor from Houston TX to Uganda.
  • Expensive equipment needed to build water wells.
  • Lack of funds from the community.
  • Deepwater levels in wide area ranges.
  • Limited technical and skilled labor to provide ready expertise.

Future Plans

  • There is need to acquire a truck to carry the water drilling rig and the compressor if drilling is to be done in areas beyond Bulike.
  • We’d like to drill at least four water wells per month (two by UCSS and two paid for by the community) in Bulike and Buluya.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Fresh Water Articles and Videos

Here’s an archive of blog updates related to fresh water wells.

New Water Wells Ease Drought (Thanks to you!)

Before drilling of boreholes in Bulike, its residents drew their water solely from contaminated ponds and swamps which they shared with animals. This water exposed them to a number of water-borne diseases, and without any medical care in the village, at least one...

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Two Boreholes Completed!

Since getting the water well rig Buliki in January, we have wasted no time putting it to good use. We’ve already completed two boreholes – praise God ! The total cost for drilling the well was $2,255 based on the 2 water wells so far drilled. These were drilled in...

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The Love Container is in Bulike!

Praise God! The Love container containing the water rig, farming and irrigation equipment is in Bulike and has been off loaded.As you know, we have been trying to getting a tax relief for the container. I thank God, we got the job done and here is the amazing story...

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Board Member Assesses Ministry’s Impact in Uganda (Video)

Hi, my name is Michael Blank, and I'm a member of the UCSS board. During the summer of 2014 I had the chance to visit Bulike, the first time I had ever been in Africa. My "goal" was to assess the impact we were having in Uganda. I wanted to see the assets and I wanted...

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Medical Care Update (Video)

I had an opportunity to witness one of the monthly comprehensive medical clinics while visiting. It is a sight to see! Over a hundred people being treated or waiting to be treated by a general doctor, eye doctore, pre-natal doctor, and dentist. Then there is someone...

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First Well Completed!

Here are some pictures of the first complete well. Look at the fresh water flowing, what a blessing to everyone! The last picture is of me walking the land that we are considering buying for the model farm (this is where we live show the people proper farming...

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