I have been in Buliike for the last two weeks since 11/April and it has been a great time of hard work and God has been very faithful. I went to Buliike to prepare for the seminar and the drilling of the well. I had wanted to be present at every step during the drilling of the water well but I was reliably told the drilling machine experienced some technical problems and would come to the site when put right. I was, however, there for the hydraulic survey to determine the best spots for the borehole. It was really amazing to see the excitement of people over the borehole. Because there is a great need for water in several locations, many people including the local leaders were arguing over the location of the well but I was able to explain to them that one well was to be in the given church land another in an area where many would benefit most. The people of Bulike are very grateful for the wells and cannot believe that there are Christians in another part of the world who cared enough to have them have water yet the government has not cared enough to help them. In fact though there is lack of food the people offered to feed us and the hydraulic team with their very best harvest as a sign of appreciation. In response, I informed them that the Lord, through their brothers and sisters in America, had answered their needs I must say that the seminar went on successful and we had a great mission done in Buliike. The subjects taught were Christianity and Jesus Christ, Prayer and Holy Spirit, Baptism, and Holy Communion and ministry. In the mornings before the seminar, we also had eye clinic running for those two weeks, prayers and counseling were also other ministries that we carried out. We also did door to door ministry. During which we witnessed to people who were able to discard their witchcraft. Though some of them burned their witchcraft, spiritually many people are still stuck in the old traditional ways and witchcraft and there is a great need for their deliverance. There is a lot of Alcoholism out of frustration, polygamy and a lack of schools which has led to huge population of children not going to school. There is also low economic development to the extent that I did not see a shop all my time there. In the two weeks that I spent there, we were able to build a temporary church building, wining over 60 souls to Christ and baptizing over 60 people on Saturday 23/04/2011 before Easter on 24/04/2011. I distrusted 20 Luganda Bibles and the Local lay leader insisted on giving a simple test to see who would read before being given the bible. Though the seminar was during a Rainy season after a very dry period, many people spared time from their garden time to come and listen to the word For the first time, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a big meal and Holy Communion in Buliike. Different Stakeholders contributed to the meal, The Local lay leader served us lunch throughout our time Buliike, and He brought in Posho (Cornmeal) and another person beans. The community lent us tents that we used as roofs before we made our papyrus mats for the roof. We also had a night prayer on Friday before we went for baptism on Saturday. We had planned to show a video on Saturday the 23/04/2011 because people wanted to know the life of Jesus Christ but we failed because of failure to get a projector. On Sunday the 24/4 I was over joyed by the number of the people who had received salvation and I could not help but celebrate at the wondrous works of our great God. As all this was happening just know that the community had been assured by one watch doctor near the church land that no church will stand in this area and anyone who attempts to bring one will die. Praise Lord that his ministry was successful! I would like to thanks you very much for the efforts put in to ensure the releasing of this wonderful. May the Almighty continue to bless you. Here’s a video: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azwEcwdd1nM]

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