Dr. Thomas Clawson, President and C.E.O of National Board of Certified Counselors and Dr. Wendi Schwiger Associate Vice President, NBCC international were hosted by Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS). Their aim for the visit was to promote the Counseling profession and also follow-up on the Mental Health Facilitators program. Dr. Clawson and Dr. Schwiger met with the Patron UCSS Hon. Minister Daudi Migereko, Ugandan UCSS Board Members, UCSS staff, member of parliament and the officials from different ministries; Education, Gender, Labor and Social Development, Foreign Affairs, plus staff of Uganda Counseling Association, and University officials. Meeting with these groups of individuals, they were able to share on how to further counseling and MHF program in Uganda. Beneficiary Testimonies of MHF training. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Wendi visited different places in Bulike community with MHF beneficiaries and witnessed how UCSS has partnered with the local leaders to enhance the quality of life using the individuals who were trained. These include: Primary School:  The Headmaster is one of the MHF beneficiary. The headmaster said, “Before the training we used to give children corporal punishment but the MHF training has enabled us to be more tolerant and listen. We have also witnessed an improved relationship between the teachers and the parents plus the community at large because of our involvement”, Mr. Musobya said. This School now attracts about 600 pupils who are in infant school to Primary four.  Mobile Clinic:  The visitors witnessed a mobile clinic where the MHF trainees and the health personnel attend to the people who are not well. This UCSS ministry has helped the people in the community of Bulike to get health services with free medication provided to them on a clinic day. People have embraced the MHF program and have been trained so they can serve the community since the clients are many. Evangelists: Dr. Clawson and Dr. Schweiger were introduced to the evangelists who engage with the people in the bible classes. It was established that the bible teachers have benefited so much from the MHF training. The relationships have improved out of listening and caring since many congregants are in need of the counseling services. Modern farm: The MHF training has also benefited a daily farmer as we call them.  Farmers have been able to learn to trust each other and with the presence of an MHF trainer within the people growing their food crops, there  has been a profound opportunity to reach out. This way they have become more productive in their work and also in their homes. Mr. Sospatiri a beneficiary who now rears pigs  gives thanks to  Jesus Christ who made it possible for the MHF program  bring counseling services, because he received help in overcoming a drunkard vice. He encourages more people to join in the activities of UCSS programs. This was a long journey for Dr. Thomas and Dr. Wendi but we are glad they were able to witness MHF services extended to the people in rural area and at the end they had a video of what they witnessed and the impact of MHF program in the community.

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