We are struggling with several challenges related to the school, mainly overcrowding and lack of supplies. 1. Overcrowding. Currently some of the children are using the temporary church structure while others use the 2 new blocks of the temporary structure. Because the numbers have kept on increasing, some lessons are carried out under a tree though the scorching sun sometimes takes away the shed. As such, we have been forced to mix the classes, due to limited space, such that P.1 and P.2 share one room, as well as P.3 and P.4. This leaves some children standing in the doorway, and sometimes the teacher does not have any space left to stand as seen in the pictures below. [slideshow] 2. Lack of adequate chairs: There are a few chairs for the children to sit on leaving the rest are sitting on the ground or on bricks as a support. 3. Lack of adequate Scholastic materials: The books we gave out were not enough to the many children who cannot afford pencils, pens and books due to the poor financial state at home. 4. Shortage of Teachers: The pupil-teacher ratio is overwhelming and the few teachers have a heavy load on their shoulders. 5. Teachers’ Working Conditions: Teachers are doing a great job under the circumstances. They have no desks to put their books on or a place to rest. Others have to walk as far as 6kms to come to the school because they do not have any form of transport. Here is what we would need to address these challenges and the approximate cost:

Benches and tables( 5 seater) 100  $    2,273
Purchase of more scholastic items e.g.  for the nursery section (Current budget is $75) 183  $      106
Purchase of  more scholastic items for the primary section (Current budget is $75) 404  $      272
More Blackboards 4  $        91
Teachers desks 5  $      182
Teachers lockable  bookshelf for keeping books and supplies 3  $      136
Iron sheets for the temporary structure 1  $      318
Subtotal    $    3,378
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