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How we can save more children in Uganda

Children have a very special place in our heart here at UCSS. So much of what we do is geared towards helping build up our next generation because children are Uganda’s future. Unfortunately, Uganda is challenged with high child mortality, but we are committed to save as many children as possible.

I wanted to quickly outline our plan to take care of our children and keep them healthy.

  • UCSS will need to educate the rural people about how to provide decent shelter and food for their families from extremely limited resources, avoid preventable illnesses to their children, and when and how to seek medical care . Specifically, UCSS will continuously educate women about health and disease issues relating to prenatal care, basic hygiene, nutrition and immunization.
  • We will focus our education on the leading causes of infant mortality, which include: birth asphyxia, pneumonia, pre-term birth complications diarrhoea, malaria, measles and malnutrition.
  • We will reduce birth asphyxia by ensuring that there are effective resuscitation at birth facilities near the rural places.
  • We shall strive to prevent pneumonia by ensuring that the children are vaccinated, provided with antibiotics and oxygen (to those children already suffering from pneumonia), and encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies.
  • We will mitigate the problem of pre-term birth complications by encouraging mothers to keep low-birth-weight babies warm by skin-to-skin contact with the mother, and providing free wrappings to keep the baby warm.
  • We will prevent diarrhoea by encouraging mothers to breastfeed and by providing oral rehydration salts combined with zinc supplements to treat the sick children with, We shall tackle the malaria problem by supplying insecticide-treated bed nets and encouraging mothers to use them.
  • We will tackle measles by providing timely vaccines to all children. Finally, we will meet the malnutrition challenge by emphasising to mothers what their children should be fed on to attain a balanced diet from the food resources in the community.

How We Will Save More Children

For UCSS to successfully intervene in these critical areas, it will use its healthcare team of a doctor, nurses, clinical officers and community healthcare workers to lead the women education programme, in partnership with district and Ministry of Health officials. The team will work closely with the community and address key issues such as ensuring the children are fed the right foods, they are taken for vaccination, all the people use clean and safe water, the bathrooms are kept clean at all times, and the garbage is disposed of from the home environment. Importantly, team members observe the WHO strategy of delivering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by providing appropriate home care and timely treatment of complications for newborns, complementing health authorities by participating in the expanded programme on immunization, and promoting infant and young child feeding. Equally important, the healthcare team will adopt other interventions for maternal health, such as expert care during pregnancy and childbirth. We will collaborate with other health staff from the Ministry of Health and other partners to look after mothers’ health during pregnancy to prevent deficiencies in Iron, Iodine and Vitamin A.

UCSS will also keep installing water wells in vulnerable communities to give mothers a chance of providing clean water for their children. We will also strive to continue providing quality life through various interventions for marginalised areas, in line with our vision.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Major improvements to health care (thanks to you) but challenges remain


When Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) arrived in the community of Bulike, there was no medical care, and people were dying daily of malaria and diarrhea that are so easily and cheaply treated here in the United States.
In addition to drilling fresh water wells, one of the first things we did was tackle the lack of medicine by offering free mobile clinics which then grew to more comprehensive clinics that treated over 600 patients per day. 
In 2013 we built and opened a permanent medical center that provides antenatal, family planning services, and other nursing procedures. The center also offers treatment of a host of diseases including; malaria, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infections, peptic ulcers, hypertension, pelvic inflammatory diseases, skin infections, eye cases, intestinal worms and dental cases. Dozens of children receive immunizations and counseling is available continuously.
In February 2013 UCSS started construction of a permanent block for the health facility in Bulike and commenced static medical services at the unit in July, providing the community with drugs, paying heath workers and also buying hospital equipment.
Today, the number of deaths have dropped from at least one per day to one per week or even less, and it continues to improve as we reach more and more people.
But the need is still bigger: we don’t have enough staff to deal with the demand, we don’t have the right equipment or enough beds. The lighting system is insufficient which and our maternity ward is ill-equipped. We have no way of reliably transporting people quickly to the center.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Appeal for Permanent Church Structure Construction

Spreading the love of Jesus Christ is at the heart of our mission, and churches help the people share the Gospel and grow stronger in their own faith. We have seen countless lives changed and many other people from within the community impacted through the prayers and outreach activities organized by these local churches.

While we have over a dozen congregations, we only have one small permanent church structure in one location, and the other congregations meet in temporary structures. As a result, we have faced numerous setbacks from time to time due to the collapse of these structures by strong winds and rains. A few weeks ago, we got another shock of such an incident at one of the meeting areas, which has left us devastated. We thank God that the structure was unoccupied at the time of the accident.

We trust in our God for the construction of permanent church structures and ask you, our kind supporters, to help us.

We are making a most humble appeal to all partners and friends of our ministry to consider giving a gift of any amount to support this work. God bless you abundantly as you do.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

New Water Wells Ease Drought (Thanks to you!)

Before drilling of boreholes in Bulike, its residents drew their water solely from contaminated ponds and swamps which they shared with animals. This water exposed them to a number of water-borne diseases, and without any medical care in the village, at least one person died of an illness every day.

Installed water well4Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) moved in with a drilling rig and started drilling boreholes for the people in the community.

So far we’ve drilled 13 boreholes, and they’ve become reliable water sources whereas the swamps dried up in the dry seasons and only provided water in the rainy seasons.

However, during the period between November 2016 and February 2017, there was devastating drought, and unusually long queues of people were observed at the boreholes.The borehole which usually serves about 400 people was serving upwards of 600 people which brought a burden on the time, productivity, as well as put a strain on the efficiency and maintenance of existing boreholes.

The drought led to a decrease in the amount of water produced by the boreholes. All the other sources of water i.e. the swamps and ponds also dried up. Therefore a significant number of residents had to walk extraordinarily long distances to access any quality of water.



UCSS is in the best position ever to solve the above challenges because we have a water well drilling rig, which has brought down the cost of drilling from $6,000 to $2,500. Nevertheless, we are in need of an air compressor and related drilling in order to provide more clean water sources in this area in rural Uganda.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Uganda community is thriving – but can we expand our impact?

This is a short video about Mr. Martin, who became a certified UCSS counselor and is making a difference in this community.

The video wouldn’t be that extraordinary were it not for the fact that five short years ago, this community was barely able to survive. There was no clean water, not enough food, and no medicine.

People were dying every day.

But today, this community is completely transformed: we have fresh water wells, a medical clinic, and people are growing their own crops.

Not only are they surviving but they’re starting to thrive.

As is evidenced by Mr. Martin, who is so overjoyed with what UCSS has done (with your support!) that he wants to help his community by providing counseling.

This is an example of LASTING transformation that you have enabled. Through your help, UCSS has taught the people of Bulike how to survive on their own and to become self-sufficient. They are starting to thrive and to even give back to their own community.

What a wonder and blessing!

As Mr. Martin says, we want to expand the impact of our mission into the neighboring area of Buluya, so we need your continued prayers and support.

Please watch this short video interview with Mr. Martin:

Thank you all …!

if God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya


Uganda Field Update from Dr. Ronald Kaluya

I pray and hope that you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas celebration as we did here in Uganda.

You all have been in my mind and thoughts. It has been a very engaging time of ministry from one ministry activity after the other all activities aimed at improving the quality of life and spreading God’s love to his people.

This, you are making possible, and I would not miss this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for your guidance, prayers, and most generous support.

Since my return from the USA; I have conducted leadership training classes for Ministry leaders, had a very impactful outreach that was conducted by students from 5 universities in Uganda. This led to over 500 people give their lives to Christ. We also planted a new church in Bugembe, this was out of one of our Bible studies that were boosted by the outreach. We also had a very impactful youth seminar that brought different youth together to share their experiences and were encouraged spiritually and emotionally.

We test pumped and installed 7 water wells, and 6 water wells are now providing fresh clean water to over 150 homesteads each in Bulike and the surrounding areas. Over 80 children were immunized at the Nana clinic, one of the fruits of the partnerships of UCSS and the Ugandan Ministry of Health.

Bulike Primary school had an open day, an event where we invited the community to see the activities at the school. Since it was also the school of the term, we encouraged the children to teach their families what they learned at school.

We also had a thanksgiving event, where UCSS together with the different community leaders and stakeholders gave their praises and gratitude to God for the great transformation happening in Bulike and Buluya and its surrounding areas. With undoubtedly many praises, we also acknowledge the great drought and extremely hot weather that has greatly affected both the UCSS and community farms. With many crops drying off to the extent of looking that they have been burnt with fire. This has adversely affected the community who have had an extremely low harvest for the past 2 seasons and have worries of no food for the future. Please continue to pray that God can provide a compressor to be able to irrigate.

Sixth UCSS ChurchCoffee Plant being destroyed by much Sun ShinePassion Fruit destroyed

To crown it all, we had a wonderful Christmas celebration. The people UCSS serves are now able to grow, thrive, and celebrate the birth of Christ because of your continued love, prayers, and support. We at UCSS look forward to many more years of partnering with you in His service.

Thank you so much for your support!

Peace and joy.

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

Christmas Greeting from the People in Bulike (Uganda)

I wanted to send you Christmas Greetings from the people in Bulike … please watch this short video greeting:

Because of you, the people in Uganda are now able to grow, thrive and celebrate this Christmas day because of your continued support, love, and prayers. 

We at UCSS wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the new year!

Dr. Ronald Kaluya

New house ends hopelessness for this disabled man (thanks to you!)

Alex can’t walk and lived in a leaking one-room house with his family with no hope for anything better. Until you helped build him and his family a new house. It has not only changed Alex but his entire community. Watch this amazing video below.

Watch the Video About Alex’s Transformation.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the people in Uganda. May the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly.


Dr. Ronald Kaluya


Building Two Houses the Disabled and Elderly

Brush Abor Homes, a custom home builder in Virginia, has a program called “Buy One, Build One” ( which builds one home in a third world country for every home they build in the U.S. Founder and CEO Jonathan Smith has a long history with Uganda, having lived there and adopting a son from Uganda. He was thrilled to be able to build houses for two families in Bulike. Each household is headed up by elderly and disabled grandparents who raised their grandchildren in small, leaking and essentially un-livable houses.

These two stories are examples of how housing can not only transform a single family, but indeed the entire community.

House # 1: Mr. Mudima (the man with the blue hat in the photos) is disabled and lived with his wife and 5 children in a small, one-roomed hut made out of mud. The photos of the old hut show that it was way too small for a family of that size.
Even worse, the roof leaked and caused the family to sleep in wet conditions which frequently made them sick. He had previously lost two of his children to the general conditions they were living in.

Mr. Mudima did not have the resources to even fix his roof. So the idea of an entirely new house never crossed his mind. When he found out that he was going to receive such a house, he was over-joyed. His family now has a 4-room house that is big enough for his family and does NOT leak.

You can see the impact of the house in two of the photos of the young child. In the photo ” 2. Family2″, you can clearly see the young child appear sick and frail. In a later photo (7. Family After New House), after the house is built, that same child looks healthier, heavier and sitting up. The transformation is truly amazing.

It’s an example of how important shelter is to human life.

House # 2: Maria is 60-something old lady barely 4 feet tall. Her children had all died and so her grandchildren were staying with her in a tiny, round hut made out of mud and a thatch roof. It is difficult to comprehend how they lived like this for all these years. Her roof was leaking just like Mr. Mudima’s roof, and the living conditions were indescribable. She now has a one-room house with concrete floor, metal roof and windows and doors that can be locked.

As Ronald points out, the impact of these two houses went far beyond these two families. Word got out into the community that for some reason these two families were to get a new house. UCSS staff and volunteers used the opportunity to minister to not only the families but the entire community around these houses. They provided food, training, and they shared the love of Jesus Christ.

It is an example of how one new house can truly transform an entire community.

If God is moving you to support this ministry, there are three things you can do now:

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


Dr. Ronald Kaluya

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